Veolay: review by a user of software

My name is Ramesh Subramanium from Chennai, India. I am a freelancer web designer and more than 20 years experience in the field. With expertise in HTML, PHP and numerous CMS, I have completed hundreds of websites from numerous domains. From the static websites to the eCommerce, I have created all types of websites.

I got to know about Veolay software program, which is used for the website conversion from HTML to CMS. I bought a copy and used it. I was very concerned because I had never seen any such software earlier. I tried with a static website first and it works fine. I checked with a complicated eCommerce website with hundreds of pages, this time it took time but 99 percent pages worked fine.


  • This is perfect and revolutionary tool for conversion to CMS.
  • If any problem comes then technical experts assist instantly.
  • Cost of software is only 20 dolor and it works lifetime.
  • It converts website in few minutes so you don’t need to wander for developers.


  • It works slow for complex websites.

Overall I would give 4.5 stars out of 5. Web designers can try this software because it saves time, efforts and produces some extra bucks too.