Optimize your searching techniques in Google with crazy life hacks

With every computer powered and governed by the ultimate web browser “Google Chrome” and runs on the arguably, the best search engine “Google”, it’s hard not to mention that you’ve become a pro with the use of Google. From academic institutions to workplace, people use Google for almost every internet search, entertainment and obviously, for work. But it’s quite unknown to many about the presence of certain loopholes that would hasten the search process, providing you unadulterated and articulated results within a fraction of seconds. So here is the list of possible 15 life hacks for improvising better search formats in Google, which are enumerated below.

1. Use Google as your personal timer

A very useful instrument for those who are extremely time conscious or are willing to work under a limited, timed environment for maximizing the output. Just type “Set timer 1 hour” and an auto-generated countdown clock will start to tick.

Set timer in google

2. Use Google as your tip calculator

Often while dining out in the fancy high-end restaurants; it becomes cumbersome for calculating the amount of tips that you’ve to pay to the waiter. This is extremely challenging for those who are challenged in performing complex mental calculations. Luckily, Google has a resource for such unwanted moments. You can type “Tip Calculator” and a calculator will be generated in your browser which will analyze the amount of tax you need to pay according to the total price you’ve paid for the meal.

3. Look up for special days

Google is the warehouse for infinite information and hence, if you’re keen on looking up for any memorable event that has occurred in the past, just type that day, month and year in the search option, and Google will present you a concise version of any incident worthy of historical importance that occurred on that day in the past.

4. Plan your movie date

If you’re a big time movie buff and loves to visit the big screen for phenomenal movies that are yet to be released, just type that particular movie’s name along with release date, which would provide you a detailed information about the release all across the globe as well as in the theaters near you.

5. Search for the missing information

This is a very classic search technique, which involves in using an image to search instead of typing in the details. Simply,  you’ve to input your image in the search bar and Google will perform a reverse search technique to extract information from different sources and provide you with the missing links related to the searched image.

6. Know more about your favorite quote

The words of phenomenal persons are always evergreen. And hence, if you’re hell-bent on performing a research about the quotes of famous personalities, just simply type any of their quotes within quotation marks and Google will furnish you with in-depth search results about that famous person and the origins of that particular quote.

7. Learn to omit specific words

This is a very useful, informative technique for optimizing your search to acquire better results in the end. Just add the ‘-‘sign after the word you’re searching and add that particular keyword which you want to omit and your optimized results will be shown in front of you! This particular technique would be quintessentially useful for searching recipes, while excluding a particular item from the ingredients list.

8. Limit your price while shopping

With the availability of e-commercial business portal at a mouse click’s away, people often end up buying unnecessary items or even costlier items than the usual. So if you’re planning to perform a refined search while shopping for any items or looking for any itineraries of any restaurant menus, then you can always type the lower and upper limit of your budget along with the product name, and Google will furnish you with an optimized result.

9. Browse the book library

This is a very interesting feature available for the bookworms out in the world. If you’re interested to know in details about the work of any particular author or poet, you can simply type “books by (any author name)” which would give you the finest list of all the works by that author. This would narrow your search and provide you only those works which you’re looking for.

10. Purchase any flight tickets while sitting at home

In the world governed by internet, the concept of standing in long queue for queries about flight schedule is completely ancient. With Google on your palm, now you can actually perform a search about the flight schedules. Just input your home location and the destination location and add the keyword “flights” and Google will provide you all the possible flights available for you to travel, along with their fares.

11. Work with your basic geometry

If you’re into academic profession, and you’re stuck with your geometry homework, Google will furnish your with all the information about all possible geometrical figures along with their formulas and detailed information for your basic calculations.

12. Have some frantic moments and let your friends jaw-drop in awe

If you’re planning to mess around with Google with some simple tricks and make pull some tricks for your friends, you can type “do a barrel roll” or “tilt” which would make the screen perform a complete 360° roundabout turn of your page or tilt your page respectively. This innovative and funny concept was designed to have a momentary fun while working on the Google stock product.

13. Live in the world of nerds

If you’re into hardcore programming or extremely inclined to learn about the rudimentary concepts of programming and inputting information, you can always search for binary to decimal or hexadecimal or octal conversion charts. Just input the number and add the keywords “convert to binary” or hexadecimal or octal and Google will do the magic.

14. Make a wise choice of foods

If you’re a very calorie conscious person, then this life hack might come in handy for you. Google has been incorporated with the database about the calorie content of all the possible foods available to the mankind. And hence, you can actually perform a calorie comparison between any 2 foods before heading out to dine or treat yourself.

15. Know the temperature without heading outside

If you’re reluctant to head outside to know the weather forecast, you can type the “weather” along with your location and Google will provide the weather forecast for the entire day for your region.