Proven Tips to Increase Adsense Revenue

It would be not wrong to say that Google Adsense has become synonymous term for ad network globally. This is a platform, which is boon for advertiser as well as webmasters. There is nothing to wonder when thousands of people signup for this platform every day. It has been observed that most of the publishers fail to make any impressive reach because they don’t know fine pores of this platform. This article will explain all those aspects, which will make your campaign directed towards better results.

Basic approach used by most of the publishers is quite common. They usually set two-three ads unit randomly anywhere in website and their expectation always sky. Ads placement and ads optimization are two different things alone placement is not going to work. It is important to optimize ads because this is directly proportional to your revenue.

Google AdSense Optimization Tips

1. Style change: everybody is familiar with banner ads and visitors usually skip that type of advertisement. Until your ad will not appear eye-catching, much can’t be expected. Blending style ads, complement ads, contract ads etc can work better than ordinary. Your ad should attract attention of visitor; obviously, it is color that matters so you will have to play with color and style.

2. Size of ads unit: this is general outcome that wide ads always perform better than tall aligned ads. Some effective sizes for ads are 336 * 280 large rectangle, 300 * 250 medium rectangle, 728 * 90 leader board style, 300 * 600 half page. For mobile it is 320 * 100 banners. Adsense give you option for selection of size but if you select wrong style then it is going to temper your entire campaign. It would be right to say that this is a testing thing, so you should try different size and monitor outcome with them. Two new ads size have been recently launched, they are 970 * 250 Billboard and 300 * 1050 Portrait, these are also good because of wide appearance.

3. Placement spot: this is also crucial because apart from size, location is also very crucial. Locate that part of website where users spend maximum time. Don’t copy ad set up from other theme website, this is a mistake done by many publishers. Every website has got some different behavioral property for Adsense. Most performing parts on web page are header ads and right side ads. Footer is also considered good but users reach there only after scrolling. You should keep rotating ads in your webpage and identify place that is going to work at the best.

4. Set multiple ad units: single unit is not going to work much, you will have to go for multiple ads unit at different parts of web page. There is limitation of three ads unit at current time and publishers should make optimum placement within this limit.

5. Links unit to fill empty space on web page: the entire system works different for links unit as two stages clicking is needed to make it worth for publisher. It is not bad to get some link ads but focus should be still on banner ads. Wherever you find some empty space on web page, try to use that one for link based ads.

6. Go for text as well as display ads: these two types are competitors of each other. Let you explore all possibilities with advertisements and go for all types of ads rather than getting fix to any particular one.

7. Filter option should be smartly used: Google provides you option for ad filtering category wise. This option should be smartly used because category matching is an important part of successful campaigners.

8. Page structure: bring the maximum number of pages for same content or go for pagination making categories inside pages. Rather than keeping lengthy content, prepare navigation to move to next page. Pagination has many benefits and used by most of the successful bloggers nowadays. Pagination brings many pages in website so each time visitor goes to a new page, this things gives extra views for ads as well as more probability of clicking. Adsense does not allow auto ads refreshing so with the help of pagination you are going to show maximum possible types of ads. Gone are those days when simple ad placement was also effective.

9. Ad testing: There are different possible ways of testing ad’s performance. You can go manual as well as automated testing tools can be also used for same. Testing needs to be conducted over wide range of parameters because you have to find the most effective ads.

10. Organic traffic: It has been seen that if you get traffic from Google search engine then it is going to be far more productive than any other option. Diverted traffic from different websites can lead to banned account also.

11. Responsiveness of web page: this is new entry in this list and very important. Suppose anybody viewing your website through mobile and website is not responsive then showing ads on such a website is total waste. Though ads already use to be responsive but responsiveness of web page is also crucial. You can easily turn any website to a responsive one so go for it; otherwise it is going to affect your campaign for Adsense.

12. Category of website is also important: suppose you have real estate website then you can expect high earning while there are some niches which are not much influential. You should do some research prior to getting into this Adsense. Some sectors namely real estate, online education, health, online games etc are very potential.

13. Section targeting: this is a feature of Adsense that allows you to target any particular section of website for ads. It has been seen that if you use section targeting then click through rate and ads relevancy both goes high.

14. Go for Adsense for search, which is quite nice option to open doors of extra possibilities.

15. Ads color: we discussed style, font, size etc. You should always remember that color is also very crucial. Dark colors perform better than light colors as they are more eye catching. You can set color keeping website’s background color in consideration. Test various colors and find out the one that works maximum.

Google Adsense is a potential platform but there are numerous associated things which are important. A website can be successful only when it is getting plenty of traffic from search engines and it has plenty of content. Organic traffic and appealing content are most important component so first develop a great website and do some search engine optimization. When you create proper website and acquire good traffic only then Adsense can work for you. Create basic infra and go for perfect ads setting. Adsense does not give any overnight result so you may need to wait for this platform. Many experienced

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