Sendinblue Email Marketing

Sendinblue Email Marketing
Sendinblue Email Marketing

We are accustomed to receiving regular email promotions, promoting a wide array of services and products. For any e-commerce or business, email marketing is very much crucial part of marketing and business plan. It takes into consideration specific target customers and then markets the products through email and reaches its goal in a cost effective way. There are many popular solutions available online with millions of users in its database. Sendinblue is one of such popular rising email-marketing giant. It might have small active users currently, but it boasts of being cheaper and superior in accordance with the established ones. But how much of its claims are beneficial?


It’s a French company which originated in2011 and founder is Armand Thiberge. The first recruits by him were a team of web developers. They devised a cost effective strategy for email marketing whose aim was to create effective campaign for small enterprises. The result is 1,00,000 active subscribers till date and serving in 140 countries.


Pricing: It offers a free plan that allows up to 9000 emails to be sent per month along with uploading unlimited contacts. Apart from this, there are other tiers of services with ascending prices. Micro plan offers 40,000 emails to be sent per month at a cost of $7.37, along with unlimited contacts and no daily limit. Bronze plan offers 60,000 emails to be sent per month at a cost of $39 and no daily limit and without any Sendinblue branding. Silver plan offers 1,20,000 emails to be sent per month with additional benefits of bronze plans. There are other higher order enterprise plans offering up to 15 million email per month. However, the free plan is valid for 60 days and has a daily limit of 300 emails per day. This might let you down however it has automation feature means emails will be send automatically when there is a new subscriber. This automation feature is lacking in many service providers free plan.

It markets itself as a cheaper alternative to Mailchimp. However, it charges on the number of mail sent. So it’s good for those having a higher number of subscriber but needs less email to be sent per month but not for those who wants to send large number of email.

Even if you don’t know email designing, the drag and drop option will help in doing that for you. There is a template editor and you can customize templates according to your need. Emails are designed to look good from desktop to Smartphone across devices. However, it lacks a ready-made template gallery. The available templates are very basic.

It provides social media marketing. It has a full featured contact manager and auto responder. Having an Auto responder means customers will get replies even if authorities are unavailable. However there is no feature for surveys and integrating RSS feed.

One important feature, which many email marketing enterprises lack is the ability to send transactional SMSs and emails (order confirmations, password reset etc.). Though this feature is chargeable, yet it is a very useful feature in the long run.


Creating an account is a simple process, which will need the company’s name, email address and password without any credit card details. Next, you need to confirm your email address, where you will receive a welcome email from CEO and also a confirmation email.  It contains links of videos and articles to get started. Although it is not verified yet, but still you can start writing your campaign. After you have sent the test mails to ten people your account will be verified by an authority from the company. This verification process takes a bit of time. Even more than 24 hours.

For adding subscribers, you have to comply to Can-spam act and have to confirm that the contacts have opted-in for the email promotions. There is a spam score checker for checking spam count. For adding contacts, it can be copied from the list, imported via files (.txt) or added manually. After users have been uploaded successfully there will be a confirmation email (beneficial if you have a large number of contacts) and then contacts can be segmented accordingly.

Campaigns are easy to create by providing a subject, title, sender email and name. There is the drag and drop feature for helping people with little idea for campaign writing.


Sendinblue is fruitful for e-commerce companies as it can send trigger and transactional sms. It also provides technical support. What it lacks is integration of RSS feed and surveys and has a basic template palate.