. When Results Would Come?

Two banks have PO results pounding since long. Banks results generally come within two weeks so this is getting slight late. There has been thousands of searches on search engines for results but things seem to be little late.

Why Bank PO results getting late?

There would be plenty of students who would have given IBPS PO interview along with some tests like RRB PO and assistant. All those students, who will qualify with IBPS PO or RRB would never join IDBI or syndicate bank. Management of these two banks understands this thing and they don’t want to get messed with problems later. We have seen in previous years, how banks have brought more than one waiting lists because students get deviate.

When can we expect results of IDBI and Syndicate PO?

It will come before first week of April. Aspirants should wait for ten more days and wait would be over. Banks have simple strategy; they don’t want to take interview of irrelevant candidates. It often becomes tedious job for bank to select students when multiple exams are taking place. Banks have systematic approach and this is all happening to avoid any problem later.

How IDBI and Syndicate PO different from other banks?

Only candidates who have no other option left join IDBI or Syndicate. These two banks go through schooling, students who get selected go for one year school that costs 4-5 lakh. This is very tedious for unemployed students. First spend on degree and then again for the schooling. Definitely this is a business gimmick and unfortunately by government banks.   So students, keep trying and work hard because that is the only way to tackle with the current condition. Keep trying and hope for the day when PM Modi will work on his promise of 2 crore jobs per year.