How To Prevent Hair Loss

Guys, with time we notice our receding hairline, greying of our hairs, our hair color determines our age. Since we all want to look young as long as possible we try lots of things to stop our hair fall. Lots of remedies are on the web, but the big question is are they fruitful, let’s check out some remedies; But before that we must get our facts correct regarding hair fall.

It is a fact that all of us lose some hair strands everyday, we lose 80-100 strands daily due to their natural end of life cycle. We don’t need to worry about that. Just have a stress free relaxed life & most of our problems are sorted out automatically. You just need to have a balanced diet, do some exercise daily. There is a problem when we see an abnormal rise in our hair fall, at that point of time we need to ponder & take corrective measures to prevent it. You may lose hair to various reasons, few of them are:

Hair loss causes

  1. Hormonal changes
  2. Stress
  3. Due to some medication procedures eg. chemotherapy
  4. menopause
  5. excessive use of chemical hair coloring.
  6. Heredity
  7. Dandruff
  8. Steroids & other drugs
  9. Lack of balanced diet

First try to find out the cause then proceed towards corrective measures.

How to stop hair loss:

After finding the reason behind the hair loss, we need to know how to prevent hair loss. One of the simplest methods is head massage. Massage causes healthy blood circulation to your scalp, it strengthens hair roots. One of the best oils for head massage is coconut oil, it is widely used in rural India & we all know the results. It contains lauric acid which has antibacterial properties that protect our scalp from infection. You can also use lavender oil or amla oil. Apart from massage, we need a balanced diet.

Food items to reduce hair fall

  1. Fish & egg: protein is a must for healthy & shiny hairs. fish & egg have it in abundance, include them in your diet.
  2. Dairy products: Toned milk & curd are a major source of calcium & protein. Including them would be a great idea.
  3. Walnuts: they have omega -6 fatty acid which is essential for shiny & strong hair.
  4. Carrot & green vegetables: They are a great source of vitamin A, it helps in hair growth.
  5. Fruits rich in vitamin C: papaya, orange, pineapple

Apart from a balanced diet & massage, you must have a healthy lifestyle. Relieve yourself from stress of daily life, following things will help

  1. Meditation
  2. Deep breathing
  3. Exercise
  4. Sound sleep
  5. Quit smoking

Natural remedies for hair loss

  1. Gooseberry & coconut oil: Boil gooseberry in coconut oil till it turns black. Massage your hair with this mixture
  2. Egg: Make a thick paste of egg & apply it on your hair, keep it for half an hour & then rinse it.
  3. Onion juice: Extract onion juice & apply it on your hair, keep it for few minutes & wash it off.

Remedy to stop greying of hair:

Material required

  • 1 large onion
  • 5 shallots
  • 10 garlic cloves
  • 10 stems of curry leaves
  • 300-400 ml coconut oil


  • Put the curry leaves, onion, garlic & shallots in a mixer or just crush or chop the ingredients.
  • Add coconut oil
  • Boil the oil for a few minutes until the ingredients are crispy & black, stir occasionally.
  • After mixture cools off strain it & put in a bottle
  • Apply it in hair 20-30 mins before washing it
  • Use daily for at least 2 months

You can try these methods, there are other methods too, you can even opt for medical treatment if the situation is getting out of hands. You can go for hair transplant, it’s now easily available but you have to spend some bucks for it, but try these homemade remedies first.
Eat well & stay relaxed, that is the mool mantra.