How to prevent Google Adsense account get disabled

Since its arrival, Google Adsense has gradually become the worldwide blogger’s most preferred account and the reason behind it is as simple as Sudoku (many would disagree)! It is the only website where a blogger has the ability to earn money through the Adsense programmer and enable himself to fulfill all the expenses of the website. The whole Adsense concept does look very fascinating and temptuous from outside but actually there is a lot more happening than what meets the eye. The primary reason behind it is the simple and disheartening fact that obtaining an approved Adsense account is considerably tough. And even if you succeed in getting an approved account your next challenge is even more resilient, that is, saving your Google Adsense account from getting disabled.

How does Google Adsense actually work?

Now before knowing how t protect your Google Adsense account from getting disabled or rejected, one must first learn and understand the Adsense environment to some extent. Google Adsense does not approve accounts based on some automated process run using computer programs. Instead, every single request is manually monitored and then decides upon by Adsense personals. Furthermore, Google is very strict about the rules regarding the terms and policies of Adsense, which one has to accept before requesting for approval from Adsense. Disregarding any such policy will certainly lead to cancellation of your Adsense account henceforth loss of all your earnings. Another very common misconception about Adsense is that Google pays the bloggers their earnings from their own pocket. Actually, the real scenario is otherwise that is the earnings come from the ad publisher’s pockets.

Simple steps to follow in order to ensure your Google Adsense Account never gets banned or disabled

Consider the following words of advice in order to reduce your chances of getting banned from Adsense

  • One lesser known facts about Google Adsense is that they reject accounts having the same name and address of previous Google Adsense account holders whose accounts got banned or cancelled. Try entering different names and addresses for every time you apply for an approval.
  • Adsense is Google’s most preliminary way of collecting revenue besides Adwords. That is why Google is very strict about its Adsense policies. Not following the rules will result in breaking the trust of the ad publishers which in turn might cause Google to lose its revenue which is unacceptable. In order to keep your Adsense account safe from cancellation you must adhere to the following rules.
  1. Always try to use authentic and original content.
  2. Never use Low-quality advertising services on your site while using Adsense simultaneously. It is also affect your adsense account, and may be its can disabled your account.
  3. More than 3 ads in one page is highly unwanted.
  4. You can create your own images or use royalty free images. Never try to use copyrighted ones.
  5. Avoid posting contents related to piracy, hacking and even software cracking.
  6. Do not click on your own ads and never provoke anyone to click on your ads.
  7. Abstain from pornographic content on your website.
  • Like every other software license policy we just scroll through them and click accept in case of Adsense too. It is advisable not to do so but take your time in reading the whole of it. Then visit your site and check if everything there complies with terms you had read and accepted.
  • Never ever try to manipulate the original Adsense codes which Google provides you. Rumors are that by manipulating the codes just a little one may get the chance of earning more. Trust me, it is only a rumor and that too a dangerous one. Manipulating Adsense codes is an offence as per Google’s policy and by doing so you increase the chances of getting your account disabled forever.