Powerful Youtube SEO Tips to Boost Your Video Rank

Why YouTube SEO?

Till date, the major concern of web site publishers revolved predominantly around web site’s search engine optimization, with no heed to video SEO; what it actually means is tapping into the process of optimizing your videos rather than your web sites.

YouTube today, is the second largest search engine after Google, with around 100 hours of video uploaded each minute. The flux due to numerous videos being uploaded is enormous and thus has resulted in a stiff competition among various video uploaders, consequently making the achievement of streamlined YouTube SEO a need of the hour.

The following YouTube SEO Tips will facilitate you to achieve appropriate:

1. Enabling search engines to “watch” your video:

The fact of the matter is, both YouTube and Google cannot actually view your videos per se, instead they heavily depend on the text, essentially the descriptions surrounding your video. The key here is to empower the search engine with as much information as possible related to your video so that it can rank it with respect to your target keywords.

2. Honing using “Video Keywords”:

Ranking your videos in YouTube is superb, but ranking it, in Google as well is even better. Your aim should be to find those keywords that return YouTube videos on the first page of a Google search, these are what, we call as video keywords. Incorporating such keywords in your video description leads to better search optimization as now you get traffic not only from people searching on YouTube but also from those searching on Google.

3. User Engagement:

It’s simple, the more engaged users are watching your video the higher ranking your video will get. Research reveals that user engagement is more or less directly proportional to the quality of your video. Thus, investing in good number of resources to make your videos valuable and interesting is important.

YouTube assesses a video’s quality on the following cardinals:

  • Video Detainment:

This refers to the percentage of your video that users gravitate to watch; the more the better.

  • Comments:

If users comment on your videos, then this serves as an indication for YouTube, stating that the particular video was enjoyed or at least viewed by a user.

  • Subscribe:

If somebody subscribes to your channel just after watching your video that speaks volumes about the quality of your video.

  • Shares:

The number of people that share your content on various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, also goes a long way in proving the quality of your videos.

4. Size matters:

Just like the length of a text article maps to its rankings, likewise the longer the video, the better it is ranked. The goal should be to fulfill and satisfy the five minute mark i.e. always endeavor to make your videos at least five minutes in duration, because, the present trend points to the fact that longer videos consistently surpass shorter videos in viewership as well as in quality.

5. Naming matters:

If you are uploading a video on say – “Natural Cure for Diabetes”, then it’s only logical to have the file name of the video as “diabetes-natural-cure.avi” or something similar,  instead of a random, self generated serialized sequence, as it will most probably be meaningless. Though the viewers of the video don’t give much heed to this but YouTube gives a ‘relevance credit’ to your file name, because, if the filename maps with your keyword then there’s a better chance of the video containing what you argue it to have.

6. Supported YouTube channels:

Posting your video on a new channel, with almost no viewership is not going to have as streamlined a SEO as compared to when you publish it on a channel that has good videos on similar topics but with a profound viewership. This approach is a lot similar to website SEO.

It will not only ensure better rankings for the video but will also guarantee a faster growth when the subscribers of that particular channel comment and like your video. Henceforth, one should resist posting videos on fresh channels, moreover care should be taken as far as the quality of the content is concerned, as irrelevant videos may diminish the SEO power of other videos on the same authoritative channel.

7. Quality matters:

A common misconception among people has been that YouTube doesn’t prefer high definition videos because it will cost more storage and bandwidth, however that’s not the case. The only reason YouTube puts a prohibition on the length of a video is to prevent users from infringing on copyrights. Extensive research shows that HD videos have much better rankings than standard definition videos. Thus always try to publish your content in 1080p or 4K to increase your SEO power manifolds.

8. Exploit Playlists:

Playlists go a long way to add a supplementary layer of signals to your video. It’s recommended to create a new playlist for each video using similar keywords. Playlists facilitate your videos to be ranked higher in Google.

9. Embedding the video:

Aim to embed the video in your website. The number of embeds is a good indicator of the quality and popularity of a video. The user interface of your YouTube channel plays a great role too. Customize your channel via settings, colours and themes, also be particular, to insert a background image

At last the most important youtube seo tip is to create and publish content that is UNIQUE; and that, along with the above mentioned tips will undoubtedly streamline the SEO for your upcoming video.