Copyscape alternatives, Plagiarism checker tools to find duplicate content

Plagiarism is one of the biggest challenges content writers face. So, its very necessary to check your content for originality. There are available a few other tools that are able to check for duplicate content really well and can be used by anyone. Though there are some restrictions on usage, they are really good free Copyscape alternatives.

Here are Top 5 tools for checking plagiarism online for free.

I believes plagium to be the best alternatives to Copyscape. HANDS DOWN!!! It was offering free service. But for now it only offers two queries as a trial. But later it will ask for credits. You can paste up to 25000 characters in the search box. Also, advanced options such as how strong the relevancy should be, pages in which languages should be searched and how should the results be displayed can be configured.

Duplichecker is a free online plagiarism checker tool similar to plagiarism. DupliChecker moves one step ahead of Plagium when it comes to content detection for plagiarism. It not only allows the owner to copy paste the contents in the text box, but it also allows him to upload the file with .txt or .docx extension to check for content stealing. Without signing up this tool offers you one search query. For using this tool, later on you should sign up for a free account. Without signing up this tool offers you one search query. For using this tool, later on you should sign up for a free account.

Copygator is another free and best alternative to Copyscape. It is just great. It does not simply scan the content of the website or the given text. It uses RSS feeds to find out duplicate content. It is mainly for monitoring RSS feeds. Enter your blog’s feed address and check for duplicate content. One of the best features by Copygator is it will notify you when someone steals your content.

This tool is based on the unique idea of splitting the pasted content, to the number of sentences. You have three options to check duplicate content. Check by pasting the text in text box, by URLs and by uploading the file (DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT, and HTML)
If there is any plagiarism, of any sentences, then it will show up the alert. It will make the manual task of searching your pieces of writing, in Google one by one. In addition to this you can also check duplicate contents by using the free downloadable software for windows.

Plagiarismchecker provided a box in which you can paste your text and search. This tool basically uses Google and Yahoo search engines. An option to create a Google Alert is provided, which sends you an instant notification when a copy of your work is detected by Google. For this, you have to submit your e-mail.