How to Pick a Good Domain Name for Your Website


Starting a business? Did you come up with a domain name yet? It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready to take the first and the most crucial step for starting your business. Deciding a domain name can be a tedious task but at the end of the day it stays with your business till the end. With the rapidly increasing number of companies, it gets difficult to pick up a unique domain name and it leaves you in a confused and frustrated state.
 Selecting a domain name needs lot of innovation and creativity but the key is to think of a domain name depending upon the type of business you are starting.

You need to keep in mind that this step is a part of your business’ future and while selecting the domain name you must think of its link with your brand name.

Here are few tips that you must not ignore while deciding a domain name.

  • Choosing your domain name extension
    Being new to blogging, coming up with the decision of determining the domain name extension would a really confusing task. Thus, based on the conventional consensus of experts and my personal experience as well, the .com domain should be your first choice, and if not available, the .org extension should be your second choice. Nevertheless, there are a great deal of new domain name extensions available from the new gtLD’s such as .co, .guru, .photo and many others.
  • Make a shortlist of certain keywords and names
    Shortlist 10 keywords that fall in your niche, along with 5 other popular words. Many service agencies have come up these days, that help you find names according to your need or demand. They choose on the basis of the short listed keywords and help you come up to a conclusion name.
  • Choose names that are easy to spell and remember
    Always choose a name, which is not only easy to remember but to type as well. Now let’s go back to school and think of the bombastic words and names we had so much difficulty in either spelling or remembering. Let’s take for an example: whoooossssaaazt! Will it be feasible on your part to remember this name, more importantly its spelling? If not, then how shall someone who’s new to your site remember it?
    Thus always go with names that are easy to pronounce, and which does not create confusion even when you try to spell them.
  • Make sure that you do not contravene copyright policies of any existing brand
    Always keep in mind when you choose your domain, not to violate any pre-existing brands copyright policies. For example, WordPress will not allow to have any domain name with “WordPress” in it, but allows u to have a name with WP in it.
  • Abstain yourself from using hyphens in your domain name
    When creating a niche blog, if you are looking for a keyword rich domain, it is best for you to keep away from domain names with hyphens in them. This practice was common long back, but is outdated now and according to the present ranking system, it is of the best interest to look for non-hyphenated domain names.

Often people advice to choose names according to your blog’s niche, such as blogs related to blog and tech, have names such as bloggertips, techtip and so on. But there are thousands of websites and blogs already having similar names, and thus will hinder your blog or website from standing out. Thus it is more advisable to choose names that in the future will be an integral part of a brand which is distinctive in nature.

Also if you’re looking to buy domain names, website such as GoDaddy, NameCheap does that for you, with a minimal charge between 10-12$.