How to Make Money Online

Do you know, your computer and internet connection can open door to earn money from home? Though internet is full with clutter, but still there are numerous possible ways, which can be explored to bag reasonable amount. As internet has turned entire world into a global village, various possibilities are accessed and explored by people. There is very high search volume for key phrase “how to make money online” on different search engines.

Students, houses wives and professionals keep on checking for ways to make money online. It has been also reported that many people get trapped into online scams. There are legit ways which can be used to make money, all you need is skill.

make money online
make money online

Best ways to make money online are as stated below:

1. Micro blogging: you would have seen numerous blogs with advertisements on them. Do you know blog owner gets paid for those ads? You need to be a skilled writer along with perfect content and subject so that it appeals people to read. Even a person who is not skilled in HTML can also starts free blogs because platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Weebly etc are available. Writing blogs and getting people on that are two different things; you will have to get some traffic on your blog. You should go for social media as well as search engine optimization to increase visibility of blog. Once you get good traffic then you can go for various ads platform like Google adsence etc.

2. Web Designing: this is high potential niche where you can make huge amount. As web growing, requirements for website are also going high. Themes are the basic website builder, which are used to set website. You need to gain command on some skills like CSS, HTML, Scripts, Photoshop etc. Actually these are quite easy to learn as numerous free videos are available online. Once you start theme development then you can put it for sale on theme stores or create your own website for selling theme. Nowadays various platforms have come where web designing can be done quite easily. Platforms such as WIX, WordPress etc are quite easy to learn. Web development is different type of job which resembles with application development. Web development considered to be slightly complicated in compare to designing so it will be better if you go for designing not development.

3. Become online teacher: this is the best job for people who want to be in their domain. You don’t need to go for new things, explore from same what you had learnt in school/college? There are numerous websites like Skillshare, Udemy etc which allow skilled people to sell their courses and teaching services to students. Becoming a teacher always give pleasant experience because this option is above of money making. Nowadays traditional style classroom courses are becoming lesser in number while elearning is occupying space everywhere.

4. Become a writer: Reading books are amongst common hobbies of people. Why don’t you start writing instead of reading to explore your knowledge? This world is getting digitalized and you don’t need to find a publisher. Write book using any text editor and use platforms like Kindle, Google play store, iBooks etc can be used. There are many eCommerce website also available, you can sell both hard copies as well as soft copies of your book.

5. YouTube: you would have seen plenty of videos online but do you know, you can explore them to earn money too? YouTube is world’s largest video sharing website. You need to have appealing, informative videos only then you can get good returns. Shoot video using good quality camera, edit video properly. Video monetization is easy and more productive than text monetization. Starting a channel of prank is not bad because it is going to attract very high number of followers. You can monetize only your own video, if you try to trick YouTube then you may get suspended. You should also go for search engine optimization of your video so that it gets high number of clicks.

6. Become translator: this is also a nice job to start with. Nowadays online platforms for translation are quite easily available ex: Google translator. Problem with automatic translator is grammatical errors. Manual translation is needed for perfect and error free translations. You can get projects through Upwork,, etc. There are millions of translation companies operating throughout the world. In many countries where multiple languages are spoken and used, translation services become integral part in school, colleges, offices etc. If you are multi-lingual or looking to learn various languages then this is the job for you.

7. Provide Transcription Services: you need to watch a video or check any image and write details about that. This job needs patience, good acquiring ability and excellent writing skills. You can get projects through Upwork, eLance and other similar platforms. In this type of job, your analytic ability comes on test.

8. Affiliate marketing: first you need to create blog/website. Once you start getting traffic then you can go for the affiliate ads. You get paid whenever anyone buys using affiliate ads visible on your website/blog. Nowadays plenty of affiliate marketing platforms have developed. You can put ads as per theme of your website and potential of ads.

9. Use PTC websites: here you get paid for viewing ads only. Registration to PTC websites is mostly free and you can start work on your convenience. PTC is considered to be the easiest way of earning online but it has several limitations also.

10. Become survey provider: many websites are based on online survey. You need to participate in those surveys and you get paid for small time which you spend on their website. Nowadays survey websites have become of high potentials to understand mood of people for any product, services, celebrity, government and many other sectors. Raw data captured in surveys are later used for various types of reporting in media.

11. Virtual Assistant: this is quite common word in professional world. It is not different from personal assistant, you need to have some basic skills like computer operating skills, operating system knowledge, fluency in English etc. Variety of tasks come under this category especially taking care of documents, meeting planning, business planning, manage websites, manage leads, check on content, website design, search engine optimization, application development, performance analysis, testing, quality assurance etc. Overall this is job of wide variety. Suppose you are doing Android app development, which is considered to be highly technical one, it can be also considered as virtual assistant to company. If you become virtual assistant of anybody in country that does not match with your time zone then it can be a problem.

12. Content writer: this is the best job for people who are looking to collect information and organize in their own way. English is the most used language for business and education writing globally. Gone are those days when writing was limited to newspapers and magazines. With digitization, things have changed. Writing seems to be an easy job but actually it is not. You need to have analytic ability, high acquiring ability, skills of fine presentation, perfect knowledge of language and other related skills. There can be many types of writing namely ghost writing, professional writing, technical writing, legal writing and many others. Freelance writing is a potential carrier option where one can enjoy lucrative compensation.

13. Domain trading: this is also a good earning option but different from other types. Here you need not to put your time; you have to register some potential domain which would become in high demand in future. You will buy at less cost while selling will be on high cost. People often trick by registering domain names which are concerned with brand names and companies. Many people who are into this business have registered thousands of domains and they are doing re-selling. Many people who have domains as well as space on web servers start web hosting company.

14. Providing Consultation: If you have expertise on any subject then you can become a consultant. Create your website or use some existing platforms for consultation. Consultation can be of many types namely health consultation, job consultation, career consultation, marriage consultation, visa consultation and many others. If you are not a consultant then you can add professionals with you, develop a platform where consultation can be done on demand.

15. Stock and Forex trading: If you are expert in share market then this is the earning source that does not require your time.

16. Selling used material: you can use classified website to sell those materials, which are no more in use by you. You can decent offers as per condition of material.

Furthermore, it is quite clear that there are numerous ways through which one can make money online. Selection matters so select one, which suits you best. Examine your skills and ability to complete job in advance. Plenty of people fail in making money online because their approach use to be wrong. Development of skills is primary and the most valuable thing before you start working. Learn, plan and execute. There is no limit for people who want to explore potential of internet.