Fastest and Cheap Web Hosting Service Provider- Legitfox Review

Starting a new blog or website isn’t that difficult these days as from buy new domain to web hosting, everything is very convenient and affordable. All you need a fast and cheap web hosting service

However, still in the whole process of establishing your website the most difficult task is choosing a right web hosting service provider.

There are so many things you should consider while choosing a perfect hosting for your site such as pricing, after sale support, uptime, speed, and more. By having these things in mind, I’m going to tell you if Legitfox Hosting is worth-choosing web hosting company or not.

Legitfox hosting says their uptime, speeds and customer support are great. But just how great are they? Well, pretty great, it turns out.
Here’s why.


Best Uptime

‘Uptime’ is critical because the opposite – downtime – can cost you so much (depending on how valuable the site is). Legitfox provide 99.99% uptime guaranteed, or they will credit you 10x the downtime.

Fastest shared hosting provider. No joke….

Legitfox claim speeds of up to 20x faster than competitors.
Anything close to that would be impressive. And lucrative. Some of the top online brands load in under a second, because taking even 2 seconds to load can cause you to lose half your traffic.

Legitfox hosting makes these bold claims, and then backs them up by taking extra precautions to limit the amount of people on their servers and implementing additional functionality like caching, premium network, fully raid 10 SSD, nginx server (speed up the load of the static content) etc


Fast & Guru customer support, 10 out of 10

Great uptime and fast load times are looking awesome. But none of that matters if your issue will not resolve on time.

While choosing a website hosting service provider, you should always be aware of there after sales support. Legitfox provides proactive, fast and guru support. They will support you from the beginner level – buying your first domain, to the experienced professional level.


100 Day – Money Back Guarantee

Yes, you read right 100 Day Money Back Guarantee. Legitfox are so confident about its services, offering a complete refund if you don’t like your experience for any reason (within 100 days).


Cheap Web Hosting Services

There’re many web hosting companies available on internet claims to provide the cheapest web hosting services but honestly, most of them are not stand the test of their words and traditionally their cheapest shared hosting plan advertised per month if you signup yearly. But legitfox startup plan starts from $4.95 on a monthly basis with all essential features like DDoS Protection, Fully SSD, Nginx Server, Free CloudFlare CDN, Daily backup and so many other features. Also, the company offers a flat 30% discount if you are signing up for any plan on an annual basis.

Legitfox Hosting Plan

The great news is that currently, they’re providing a discount code that will give you that low price for an annual billing. “12-month Hosting in $19.99 – $1.66/Mo” using Coupon EPICYEAR


Final Thoughts

Legitfox is an upcoming hosting company from India which has fast servers for all the users to want an affordable website hosting along with premium features and super-speed.If you are looking premium, professional, fast and cheap web hosting, Legitfox is for you.