IBPS or institute of banking personnel services is well known for the banking exams in India. Since announcement of common written exams for clerical and officer jobs, this institution is in news. 2011 was special because this is the year when common written examination had started while 2016 was the year when cut off surged unexpectedly. What was wrong in 2016? Was questions asked in the year were at very lower level? Reality is, questions asked in 2016 were tougher than previous years.
What exactly put cut off to surge to very high? IBPS clerk pre exam cut off has surged by 20 marks in most of the states. Seems, students have turned very intelligent for year 2016. We have heard plenty of things but can’t say anything because we have no proof at this stage. No matter, how good anyone has written examination, there is no guarantee of selection. IBPS needs to look after this thing else students will not show interest in their exams because backend story is not hidden.

What IBPS needs to do for making examination fair?

IBPS needs to do complete video recording at all centers.
Student biometric should be done very carefully and doors should be closed from beginning till the end of examination.
There should be special security measures on server computer so that questions can’t be cracked in advance.
Make sure only candidates and authorized people enter the premises.