IContact Email Marketing

IContact Email Marketing
IContact Email Marketing

Marketing is a unique thing yet a tremendously necessary thing as far as business is concerned. Everything needs to be marketed in the right way so that the product reaches out to the public and you get the maximum benefit out of it. Email marketing is a new concept and this is spreading like forest fire and since its launch almost every big multinational and a lot many companies have opted for this immensely useful and in budget program for the very best marketing of their product.

Now, email marketing from the iContact is the very best in its class for its esteemed services and prices and the kind of customer support it has got, the thing is easy to use and a lot of services come hand in hand with the client. The main thing is the campaigner and mail chimp and with time more and more people are acquainted with what it can do for you to boom your business process. Now the services includes a lot of thing but one thing you must remember is that nothing in this world is for free and at the same time iContact does not burn a hole in your pocket.

The features of iContact

It has got two versions-

  • A thirty day trial which includes 250 contacts and up to 400 messages and this way you can get hold of the tools and services offered by iContact. It would genuinely mesmerize you as this free trial offers everything which would be there in the full version of the same. Every service is a month to month program and you can cancel out any plan anytime you want and the cancelation has to be done by calling the customer support.
  • The plans start from $10 a month and it can accommodate 250 contacts and with every better plan the pricing gets increased and the pricing based on the number of contacts you would be allowed to have in your tab. The kind of services they offer you would need a lot of customers and that is why you can start off with the cheapest plan and then get upgraded from time to time as more and more new contacts would get accustomed to your business.

The registration process

All you need is an email address and a company name to bear with. The password must be supplied by you and then the contact lots be uploaded by you for the correct remuneration of plan to be taken. Upon this you would be called in for the plan as you get to decide which plan you are interested in. the best part is you can also add contacts as you like and there is no compulsion to add the contacts while registering on IContact.

The dashboard and the creating the subscriber list

The dashboard would be having lot of things and a lot of tabs such as a the Google+, linked in and etc. the kind of tools you would be getting like adding customers, new feed would allow you to get a check on your daily activities and if there are any queries from the contacts. The subscriber list can be created by adding names one by one or by copy pasting entire lists from somewhere. You can subscribe or unsubscribe whenever you want to and the deletion of the contacts is also very easy as they understand that not every contact has got the same potential.

Campaign set up

You can do it the as you want as there would be more 650 templates for you to choose from. There are message builder, HTML editor and other tools which allows you to work freely and also without any sort of dependence. You can also add images from the image library so that it becomes more attractive ad effective as images speak a lot. You can also create a survey for your clients if you dont want a newsletter and this way you can set up your campaign.

Campaign tracking and customer support

The report tabs are there where you can check all the information concerning the surveys and the queries from the contacts and the feeds are always there to help you about with the campaign tracking and help you understand the current scenario of your campaign. The customer support is very efficient when it comes to IContact as there would be messages, emails and live chat support available for you to analyze and solve any problem you might be facing.

You must and must consider them before going for email marketing as they are of the best and leading email marketers around the globe at the moment.