Spice jet is amongst the fastest growing airlines in India. After its inception in the year 2005, company has never looked back. It was proper management by the company, which let people to go for this one though there has been tough competition with KingFisher and some other companies.

Some very interesting facts are listed as below:

  • Hubs of Spicejet: three major stations have been named as hub for Spicejet. These airports are Rajiv Gandhi airport, Hyderabad, Chennai International airport and IGI Delhi.
  • Currently more than 40 aircrafts are operational.
  • This is the most economical airline operational in India.
  • Bhupendra singh and Ajay Singh are founders of Spice jet.
  • Company has its headquarter at the Gurgaon, Haryana.
  • In terms of business, company has third largest share.
  • Company was in loss for year but later things changed and profit skied.

When it comes to Spice jet then they have proved, how success can be achieved in spite of tough condition.

What has let Spice Jet to achieve success?

India is a country to 125 crore people, which is growing up rapidly. Over the years, economic condition has changed rapidly. It was like a dream few years back to board aircrafts but nowadays things have changed totally. Because of surge of internet, nowadays even lower middle class is travelling in airlines. Market condition has changed and this is the reason behind success of company. In future, there would be further growth as India’s economic condition gets better.