Nowadays internet has become lifeline of India. We can’t imagine life without this technology in the country. From online entertainment to the internet banking, internet is present everywhere. Internet further got revolutionized when Reliance Company brought JIO services. In the welcome offer, users have enjoyed unlimited free internet and this thing is really amazing.

We are going to show you some of the interesting aspects of Internet:

  • Internet penetration in India: More than 20 percent of total internet users of the world are in India.
  • Some popular websites amongst internet users are Google, Facebook, Qoura, Bing, Flipkart, Times of India etc.
  • India has maximum number of internet service provider Sify, JIO, BSNL, You, Reliance, Tata, MTNL, Airtel etc.
  • There are nearly 200 different internet service providers.
  • Current eCommerce business range is close to 22 billion dolor. It is expected to cross 90 billion by the year 2018.
  • India has maximum number of mobile users close to 250 million.
  • Most of the internet traffic comes from cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore etc.
  • Internet users can be also classified based in gender. In urban areas, 62 percent users are male while rest are female. In rural India, 88 percent users are male, which shows digital divide.
  • Porn sites have far more traffic than government website.

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