Google enjoys maximum number of hits amongst all online websites globally. Amongst all search engine, Google has retained more than 70 percent of total market. India is one of the most important countries for Google because of immense population and Google share’s more than 90 percent of total market. Yahoo and Bing are nowhere in race before Google search engine. China has bigger population than India but they are using Baidu as search engine.

In India, there is huge gap in terms of digital divide so plenty more users will come for this search engine. You will find TV ads of Google so you can understand their strategy for India. Go through some of the interesting things about the Google as written below:

  • Google had started their office in India in the year 2004. Offices had come in the city of Bangalore and Hyderabad.
  • If you will search on Google “I want to commit Suicide” then helpline will come in the indexed results.
  • As per a latest survey, Google is the second best company in India to work with.
  • Google India is also available in the numerous regional languages like Oriya, telugu, Tamil, Punjabi etc.
  • Google has page rank ten.
  • YouTube, hangout, Google Spreadsheet are part of the Google.
  • A website generally gets crawled within two days once it comes on the internet.
  • Google India offers minimum salary of 11 lakh.
  • Google Adword is the best advertisement model in India.

There are numerous other things about Google India. Keep checking our website and you will get to know more about this search engine.