Constant Contact Email Marketing

Constant Contact Email Marketing
Constant Contact Email Marketing

The world has advanced a great deal in every dimension and to keep pace with all these modern technologies and innovations we must have the proper knowledge of how to deal with the current trend. Indeed life has become more comfortable with internet technology bringing a great revolution in the present society. It has paved the way for great business and information to the whole world. With the advent of this technology, the world has changed rapidly and has been successful in connecting the entire globe with a single click. Now the entire world is at our fingertip.

Now, with all these new business and online trading, e-mail marketing is the current buzz among the netizens. What you need is to have the proper and in-depth knowledge of how this marketing works and the passion will drive you to excel in this field with correct steps. There are various sorts of plans and terms and conditions, which you must read before you join this business. There has to be certain guidelines which you must follow while you step your feet into this. For this, the Constant Contact Email Marketing is the best option in the market. You can really try this and decide for yourselves whether you will stick with the Constant Contact Email Marketing or shift to other marketing software.


With standard price for setting up the campaign to change your fortune, you need just 13$ which is the cheapest for five hundred subscribers. If you want to increase the number of subscribers then you have to pay an average amount of 30$ for three thousands subscribers. Well the plan varies when you opt for higher number of subscribers, which can range above 10000 or it can even surpass the fifty thousand public. The price varies from 90$ to 300$ for these number of subscribers. With the trail version available for two months, you can get used to with all the details and features of the software before you attach yourself with this.


This software has some wonderful features, which make it the ultimate choice for the customers or the subscribers. The basic free trail will give you the license for just 60 days and you have to access knowledge within that limited span of time. This trail is the best platform with a start to subscribers in the contact list. Once you are on the run, then upgrade yourself to the paid version to avail all the features of this amazing software. Slowly and steadily, you can upload your entire contact list in your profile and this will make your job pretty easier and swifter. Hence, you can work in an efficient way. The software has already built in templates for the mails, which are very handy. You can easily import the contacts from your Gmail or MS Outlook. With the completion of simple steps for the registration, you can start your career. The dashboard is very simple with few things that you have to do to set up the account. There is a wonderful media library, which helps you store your own credentials.

Managing the subscriber list

Well, there are many ways that are art your hand to add up the contacts to the Constant Contact. You can simply copy and paste or manually type the details of your contact list. You can even upload the file, which may be of any type, or you can drag from the Outlook. There many segment under which you can easily place your contacts. This will be very helpful when you select your contact type when you want to get in touch with them.


The software gives you the freedom to let you create the forms that the customers can use them to start their account in emails or newsletters. The forms can be placed in any either of the sites belonging to yours or the Constant Contact’s domain server. What brings joy using this software is that you can create auto-responders which is under the Email tab and you can easily send them automatically when a user is added in the list. You can use the template at any time to create a newsletter. With the availability of bunch of tools, you will find your job easier and interesting. An exclusive spam test will ultimately check if the messages will be treated as spam or not.


It may look a bit expensive for some starters in this profession. Sometimes the software runs through a patch of glitch. While you are busy, the dashboard may take some additional time for loading which further delays the program. The storage capacity is very less.