Campaigner Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the oldest and most effective and targeted methods of marketing products and services directly to prospective clients on the internet. Email marketing is inexpensive and convenient. Unlike internet advertising, you do not compete for the viewer’s attention since in an email newsletter there is nothing to distract them from your content. Also since they are receiving the email in their inbox, there is a high change that they will be interested in your product, leading to greater chances of further engagement that might finally culminate in sales. There are a number of email marketing services available for every need and budget and Campaigner is one of the best. It offers some of the most advanced features and services on the market and has a full access free trial so that you can check out all its features before you pull the trigger.


Campaigner offers a fully featured 30 day free trial for up to 1000 contacts so that you can see if Campaigner is the right choice for you. If you are looking for an advanced and customizable email marketing solution that will meet your every need, Campaigner is definitely a great choice.

Campaigner offers unlimited messaging but restricts you by the number of contacts you can send those messages to. It also features an advanced customer relationship management system and can be configured to automatically respond to contacts depending on actions they might take from your email newsletters, such as sending additional offers or promotional material. You can also create specialized workflows that initiate certain actions when triggered by actions on the part of the subscribers. These go a step further in increasing customer engagement than typical call to actions.

You can also access advanced features such as getting geolocation information on your subscribers and customize the material that you send them accordingly. This lets you offer geographically relevant services and offers to your customers, getting you a competitive edge over your competition and business rivals.

Campaigner makes it very easy to integrate your existing contacts to its client back end. It allows you to use a variety of formats like CSV, VCF, XLS, XLSX, Vcard and even webmail formats to import contacts to the system. However, the system can run into some troubles when trying to synchronize contact information from free email services like Gmail or Yahoo. The user interface is extremely user friendly as well as flexible. Campaigner also arranges contacts based on when they were imported to the system, allowing you to easily sort through large amounts of client data and get the details that you want. You can also define custom categories and fields, which Campaigner can then use to automatically sort contact data. The platform also allows you to implement auto responders that automatically send emails when certain conditions are met. Obvious uses of this feature are “reminding” inactive contacts of the offers they are missing out on.


Campaigner is a very advanced piece of software that when used correctly can be used to deliver great potential. It also has pricing plans that will appeal to businesses and users of all budgets. The cheapest plan costs USD19.95 per month and allows you to engage with 1000 subscribers. The company also actively promotes its more popular plans that costs USD29.95 and has a contact limit of 3500 subscribers. Many plans exist to deal with the demands of businesses of all sizes, from USD99.95 per month for 15000 subscribers all the way up to USD549.95 per month for 100,000 subscribers. Businesses that need even more high volume sending can opt to create custom plans after discussing with Campaign’s customer support team. This is often a great idea since the plan is tailored to the needs of the client and you do not waste precious resources paying for unnecessary overhead. You can also opt to pay on an annual basis that will often net you a deep discount, the trade-off being that you will be locked into the contract for a year and will not be able to back out if you feel that the platform is no longer serving your needs effectively.

In the end though, Campaigner is a well-designed email marketing tool that can be used very effectively by experienced users and is also one of the most feature packed email marketing solutions available today. It also offers a fully featured 30 day trial for free that lets prospective users try out the software before making a commitment.