Marketing has undergone a dramatic revolution with the introduction of the internet, which the potential audience and server base see as the biggest ground to break the ice and spread the campaigning voice to reach out for more audience base. Unfortunately, the cyber world, even though reads the description and agenda of any marketing strategy, the emphasis is always given on the catchphrase. Poorer the catchphrase, the more chances are there that the audience will sweep pass your service without bothering to give a second glance about the details. With the email marketing has gone viral for every strategic business plan which needs to be executed with efficiency, Campaign Monitor rises as one of the email marketing software, that offers the most integrated UI interface coupled with different features  that would make your emails look extremely alluring.

Although the marketing software lacks the power of integrating the contacts, it uses third party software to perform this trick. The software being tepidly easy to use doesn’t need much of nerdy knowledge to delve into its functions. Also, the software comes at an extraordinarily cheap price of $9/month basis service, which assures you a complete customer relationship management without compromising the values for reaching out to the potential customers out the cyber world.

Campaign Monitor’s rudimentary priority targets on seamless bidirectional communication that will allow you to build your email campaign and make it successful. Hence it has been successful it generating over billions of mails for the client bases and attract customers to check on the blogs or services.

Define your way

One of the realistic features that add value to the software is its minimal content UI that gives you the access to all the necessary tools that would enhance and glorify your email. And if you’re extremely productive on perfection, there are several predefined templates (which are customizable) you can use to enrich your emails. Also, you can import your customized templates and other details using HTML or CSS web services, thereby adding resource and gravity for the subscribers to look at.

Once the email is ready for marketing, it can be sent out the subscribers, allowing them to get notified about the recent proceedings of your blog or business. Using statistical and analytical tools, you can get a complete subscriber snapshot about the statistics of the activities and responses from the subscribers. Much like Google Integration, this software helps to manage all the subscriber performance and monitors the social sharing of the contents for popularizing your web content.

Weighing the value of the software

While the software appears seemingly flawless with so much delivering capacity, there are certain pros and cons, which are classified and should be taken into consideration while working with Campaign Monitor. The pros of the software are classified below

The software deals with lightweight integrated design templates and themes, which are readily visible from small portable devices such as mobile phones, using which you can temporarily check for the work proceedings. You can readily check for the final layout of your email content and can work on it in a complete professional level without getting hindered by extensions and added plug-ins. This makes the marketing tool to be professionally reliable.

With the Inbox Preview Tool, you can check how the message will look like when it will be viewed from the subscriber’s inbox. And this service is available for more than 20 types of email clients such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc. This would give you the opportunity to identify any possible kind of problem that might arise while viewing the mail, and if so, you can design the template from the scratch again.

With a powerful template designing base, you can actually define two-column or three-column content rich newsletters, and add logos and designs to your newsletter without paying any extra credits for the service.

While weighing the cons, there might be a few of them, which are hindering some of the on-the-go work progress which are listed as follows

Although the content can be viewed from mobile devices, yet there’s no forum for FAQ and reaching out to the subscribers over text. So, you’re isolated from your subscribers while you’re commuting and it can be considered deadly considering the fact that the world is rapidly evolving in terms of every other mobile communication facility.

With $9/month, you are restricted to exercise your control over only 500 subscribers at a time. However, the subscribers limit is crunched up to only 2,500 subscribers for this package, beyond which you’ve to pay $29/month for sending unlimited emails to 5,000 subscribers. This might seem as a competitive on a long term policy.