This is a matter of chaos in Media that what actually forcing BJP to try very hard in the Varanasi. It seems entire cabinet along with prime minister has shifted to Varanasi. As PM Modi has come so media houses have also kept their eyes open. Varanasi is in news from morning to evening. It seems like; Modi is fighting elections against all other MLA candidates of SP and BSP. Question arises, why does, there was need for the massive campaigning by the prime minister, which had never happened in history?

It is very strange that BJP has brought entire force in one city. It is quite obvious that they are afraid of results and there are numerous reasons behind this. There is hardly anything on ground even after 3 years of BJP government. Neither Ganga is clean nor there is any other development in Varanasi city. Credit of ring road and power supply already goes to state government, which is also not proper. Overall it was feedback to the Amit shah, which led BJP to call PM and campaign at this high level. Rest is up to people of Varanasi and we should wait till the 11th of March.