India is home to 125 crore people and number is skiing very rapidly because there is nothing in the name of family planning. India can’t get developed until high populous states like UP, Bihar, Maharashtra etc get developed. We are here to discuss about the least developed state Bihar because we see things getting grim on the ground. Unemployment, poverty and other problems are on rise so how these problems can be effectively tackled?

We have seen development of Patna city by building flyovers, concrete jungles, parks etc but development should be inclusive. Real development reflects in literacy rate and per capita income of people not on flyovers. Bihar can get developed when state get plenty of investment that is not possible without special status. State government can also put efforts to bring investment but that wouldn’t happen because there are many other better states.

Patna can be developed as major tourist destination because it is the third oldest city is the India. Numerous tourist sites related to Buddhism and Hinduism are present in Bihar. Apart from tourism, there is no instant solution because other industry wouldn’t come easily. Security has been always major concern for this state because of criminal activities. Over years, things have changed and hopes are alive for the poorest state in India.