Why Bihar has no Cricket Team?

Bihar is India’s third largest state and still lack in numerous things. India can’t get developed until Bihar develops. This is quite strange that Bihar has no Ranji team. Small states like Haryana, Himachal etc have their team then what is wrong with Bihar? Actually there was a cricket team of Bihar till 2003-04. Even MS Dhoni was captain of team but after 2004 that team shifted to Jharkhand team.

On July 18, 2016, Supreme court approved all recommendations of Lodha committee and Bihar became full time member of BCCI. Bihar can now participate in board elections as well as Ranji team also eligible. Bihar is a place where politics is in air, you would amaze to know that even Lalu Prasad Yadav was once chairman of BCCI. Now problem is lack of infrastructure. Prior to division, Bihar had two cricket stadiums Keenan Stadium Jamshedpur and Moin ul Haque Stadium, Patna. Stadium in Patna is not in good condition so infra had shifted to Jharkhand.

Most of the Biharis are now playing Jharkhand team. Current condition is, Bihar lacks player as well as infra. There is hope that cricket will revive in Bihar because Tejaswai Yadav ( Deputy CM ) is also a cricket player and he had assured about revival. Nitish Kumar had once announced about construction of cricket stadium at Nalanda but nothing is on the ground. As a Bihari, we can only wait and watch, what will happen next? Hope soon Bihar will restore its cricket team as well as required infrastructure for cricket.