Top Ten Windows best screen recording software

As the world becoming digital, education and training are also getting digitized. Until there was system of pen and paper, things were quite conventional. As new ways emerged, various challenges also emerged in parallel. Being a digital instructor is always typical task because here you have to explain what to do and how to do both? In learning process of software tools and various other digital media options, there is always one quest, how to operate? No matter, how sharp your teaching skill is, it will be always challenging.

Considering such a condition, screen recording is the best option available to learn digital media. Here we have collected best screen recording software to record your screen


List of Top 10 Screen Recording Software for Windows

1. Ice-cream Screen Recorder

This app comes from Ice-cream group of applications and free to use. This application supports all versions of Windows from 2000 to 8. It is quite easy to make recording interactive with help of this application as various customization options have been available. Some additional features are also available in the application namely hotkey, audio modulations, screenshot, retrieval from history etc.

2. Active Presenter

If you are planning to record any tutorial or educative campaign then there is no better option than this app. This app is developed by “Atomi Systems” and it has been hit soon after its launch. Its main feature is the “Interactive Components” which make recording perfect for learners. Various elements can be managed quite easily for example callouts, voiceover, annotations, graphics etc. This app is used for various learning management system like MOODLE.

3. CamStudio

This is one of the oldest applications, which has been widely used for screen recording. It has very high number of downloads, which shows its reliability and affectivity. Nowadays marketing is something that is widely being used for the apps too and we see various unnecessary things embedded in apps. This is an application with simple functionality so you don’t need to struggle while using. Cursor hiding is a feature in this application.

4. Snagit (Premium)

This is a paid application but you will enjoy best possible features. This application is mainly used for the professional usage rather than personal usage. Some important features are technical support, cloud services integration, hotkeys selection etc.


Here YouTube upload feature is available after recording. After recording, you can customize video as per your requirement and upload directly to YouTube.

6. Jing

This app comes from TechSmith Company, who has also developed Snagit. They have reduced some features and brought a free version. In case, you need additional features, you can migrate to Snagit. Hot keys and technical support are available in free version too but this app is not intended for big screen recording.

7. Webinaria

This app is free as well as open source. Using this app, videos can be created in the Flash format. Voice commentary can be customized as per requirements. Text insertion in video is also quite easy using this application.

8. Camtasia Studio (Premium)

This is product of TechSmith and a premium one too. Like other tools of the company, this one is also very effective and easy to use. Windows and MAC both versions are available. You will get various features like cross platform compatibility, Google drive integration, hot keys etc.

9. Rylstim Screen Recorder

This is a simple and free tool for the screen recording. It is quite easy to run, when you will start recording then you need to set Codec, frame rate and location to store file.

10. Screenr

This is the easiest and simplest tool to use. This app runs through browser so no need to install it anywhere. Go to website and let you start recording quite easily.

Overall nowadays, plenty of ways available through which screen recording is quite easy. Finalize your requirements, do some research for applications and get the best.