10 free tools for creating infographics

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and there is no reason to deny it. A visual medium is any time a better option to express a piece of information, and the same piece of information gets equally (or even more) boring when conveyed through text.

In today’s times, where time is an essential component, long text files have no place. Instead, people are more interested in visual representations so that all the information can be clubbed and viewed from a single or a series of images. And thus, infographics have become an exciting genre for people all over the world. An infographic covers all the essential information so that it is easier for the audience to grasp the information. So, if you are out to find some cool infographic tools to impress your audience, the following list might serve the purpose.

1. Piktochart
Piktochart is an online infographic tool that lets you create vivid representations and wonderful presentations in a matter of few clicks. They have a vast library of predefined templates. It is easy to use and lets you download the images in high resolution. The basic version is free, and the pro package will cost you $29 a month.

2. Vizualize.me
An aesthetic design never goes unappreciated and so will your resume be, once you use this tool. Vizualize.me is for people who want to make an impression right away. Your resume will never be the same again, and not a single accomplishment will go unnoticed.

3. Easel.ly
This online tool gets you started right away with thousands of designs right on the homepage. All you need is to choose a template in the beginning and the rest of it is quite easy. And guess what? It’s totally free.

4. Canva
Just open the website and you will understand why Canva is featured in this list. The layout is beautiful, and so are the templates. There are millions of images along with catchy photo filters. You can also access the shapes and icons for free. It is more of a design school, and it doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to learn basics.

5. Infogr.am
This 3-step tool lets you choose a template. The next step is all about adding visualizing objects like maps, charts, images, icons etc. You can embed YouTube videos and import excel files using this tool. The one-click sharing option helps you to embed the code or post it on social media.

6. Visme
It is yet another tool to create engaging content like presentations and web content apart from infographics. The website is based on responsive design allowing the users to access it from any device. You can even animate the content or add pop-ups, making it fun for your audience.

7. Visual.ly
It offers a host of other products of which infographics is one. Visually is a community-based website, where you can get your job done by a professional designer. It has a few free samples to get started. You can also get an estimate.

8. iCharts
Commonly used to represent complex data in simple visual formats. This business analytics tool can be used to generate reports from a complicated data source. The output data is easy-to-share across a variety of platforms.

9. Venngage
This is a dedicated infographic tool known for its simplistic features. The neat and clean interface allows a user to learn the art of design from scratch. So it is one of the best sites to begin with. The HD themes and templates make it all the more appealing.

10. Dipity
Last, but not the least, Dipity is the most appropriate tool for you if you are Android lover. Available as an app on PlayStore, Dipity can analyze your photos and create a visually engaging content. It can also track your photo-taking trends and reveal pictorial insights. The paid version costs just 99 cents.

So what are you waiting for? Start off with the trial versions and create some amazing infographics to stun your audience. Once you become a pro, try out the premium features and amaze everyone around you. Say no to boring texts – you can do better!