List of Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools in 2016

Best Online Backlink Checker Tools
Best Online Backlink Checker Tools

Search engine optimization or SEO is a strategy or a technique, that is used to increase the number of visitors of a site by getting a high traffic, resulting in its better position in a search engine’s result page. It is about striving to rank in a higher spot in search engines. How does it work? Well, initially the number of backlinks a site had decided what number it is going to be on. However, since 2016, it is about the number of quality links that a site possesses. An update by Google’s Penguin algorithm in the previous year, wiped out many personal blog networks and devaluated a number of low-quality links.

What are Backlink Checker Tools all about?

Google defines backlink as “an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website”. Suppose you produce a webpage and 10 other websites related to your page, then you have 10 backlinks. Two benefits i.e. a good search placement ranking and better traffic are derived by a web-developer with the help of these ‘inlinks’. Eventually however, Google set up new policies for websites to rank better and now demand quality over quantity.

How do you find out the health of your backlinks? Backlink Checker Tools is the answer. It will help you to know how many backlinks your site has got and also analyze the quality of the links. It is very important to get your links audited frequently too.

Based on your needs, you can access any of the 5 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools below:

List of Best Online Backlink Checker Tools

1. SEMRUSH – One of the most favorite SEO tools, SEMRUSH is frequently updated with a number of new features. One point that should be noted is that, it is free only for the first 14 days (trial period). In case you’re satisfied and loved it, go ahead and purchase it for $149.

You can test out your website’s backlink status with the help of its expansive database that refreshes daily. You can check and point out which Top-Level Domain’s sector is linking you to the maximum number of pages, with the use of SEMRUSH’s Domain Overview Report.

SEMRUSH can be used to get a perception about your competitor’s tactics, or their number of backlinks. You can use the backlink comparison tool to get a complete report of the comparison between your domain’s backlinks to that of other competitor’s websites.

2. AHrefsAlthough it is a paid backlink checker tool, you can register for a free account to get a 360 degrees’ analysis of your backlinks along with your site’s anchor text analysis.

With AHrefs’ Position Trackers, you can check where your site is ranking and with the Positions Explorer tool, you can get a view of how your competitors are doing in the backlinks scenario. With the help of the Crawl Report, you can track and fix SEO troubles on your site. The Content Explorer helps you to understand which content is working well for you. After the Penguin Update, when you experience a negative SEO, AHrefs will be life-saving for you, because you can receive all details of links with an anchor text’s percentage breakdown hinting at your site.

With AHrefs’ Alert, you will never miss out on backlinks or notice, as you’ll receive a notification via e-mail when you get or lose out on backlinks. There are other more interesting features too! Try this checker tool to avail the most of its advantages.

3. OpenLinkProfilerThis is a latest addition to the checker tools’ list and available for free for its users. It helps you to check the ‘freshest backlinks’ and all other backlinks for that matter, that points to your sites. You also have an advantage to download 1000 links in .csv format for free.

This is apparently the best backlink checker tool available in the market for free!

4. BuzzSumoThe best choice for content marketing, BuzzSumo is available, both in free, as well as Pro versions. With a visually appealing data display, BuzzSumo helps to quickly identify the content that is doing well in front of an audience.

The pro version now helps you to check your domain’s or any other page’s number of backlinks. Also the already existing links can be exported into .csv or excel format.

5. Open Site ExplorerThis the most favorite of all backlink checker apps when you need to make a comparison between two or more domains’ backlinks. It works most effectively when you have a paid account, although the free version will suit you fine, in case you want to check the number of backlinks your or your competitors’ page has.