List of Best Budget Apps of 2016

best budget app
best budget app

The general budget for the year 2016 has been tabled in the parliament. Few things have become costlier & while few have become cheaper. So if you are worried that how will you manage your budget then you should take a chill pill because now there are many best budget apps on the internet which will help you to manage your expenses. These apps will not only help you to decide your budget but also will warn you when you are about to exceed your budget limit. Let’s see a few of these apps

Best Budget Apps of 2016

  • Mint: Personal finance & money
    With this app you can pool in all your bank accounts. With this division of expenses, payment of bills, balance enquiry & checking of balance before shopping can be done easily. You can also keep a tab on your lending & with this app you can have a reminder set for it. It will alert you with a notification whenever your balance becomes lower than the set value. This app is available on android, windows & IOS. This app is safe despite having your bank information. It is a very popular app on Google play Store. It has got 68000 5 star ratings.
  • Good budget: Budget & Finance
    This app was earlier called easy envelope. Many of us keep our money in different envelopes for different expenses, similarly this app makes virtual envelopes Eg. How much money we have to spend for entertainment, how much for phone & ration. In this app 20 different accounts for different expenses, both regular & non regular can be made. We don’t need to tie our bank accounts with this app. With this you can compare your income & expenses, also you can connect rest of your family members & other contacts in your phone into an envelope & can monitor their expenses too. It is available on Google play & IOS.
  • Bills & Accounts Manager Manilla
    This app is available on Google play & IOS. You can see all your accounts on your mobile screen with this app. You have to join your credit card with it. There is a document tab manager which keeps record of all account statements. From there you can also get to know how much you have borrowed & how much is left with you. Other than that your bills & expenses can be controlled with this app.
  • Daily Cost
    It is a very useful app to control your monthly expenses. As of now it is only available on IOS. Its main feature is that there are many sections in it where the user can register his daily expenses. With this they can get to know where they are spending most of their money. You can control your monthly expenses on various fields like phone, entertainment. If you spend more than the limit, you get a notification. The whole data of daily cost can be saved on cloud store.
  • Expense Manager
    This app will tell you about all your bank accounts. It will also inform you about unpaid bills. You can save the money transfer screenshots on it. The data of this app is stored on Micro SD card. You can lock it with a 4 digit password. It is available in 30 languages. It has a rating of 4.3 on Google play store.

We hope one of these budget apps fits your budgeting needs. if there is any other app you like to add in this list then please comment below.