Things First in Indian Banks: GK for Bank PO, Clerk

This article for bank job aspirations because it offers perfect information regarding tings first happened in Banks. In Hindi, we call it, bank me pehli baar. This small note will help in numerous examination wherever general knowledge questions are asked. Go through this interesting write up and gather important information:

  • Which was the first bank in India? Bank of Hindustan
  • Who was the first governor of reserve bank? Mr. Osborne Smith
  • Who was the first Indian governor of RBI? Mr. C Deshmukh
  • Which bank had first introduced ATM in India? HSBC
  • Which bank first introduced saving accounts? Presidency bank
  • Which was the bank to bring in cheque system? Bengal bank
  • Internet banking had been brought by which bank? ICICI Bank
  • Mutual fund had been first introduced by which bank? State bank of India
  • Which bank had first brought credit card? Central bank
  • Which bank was first stock bank? Allahabad bank
  • Which bank had opened first overseas branch? Bank of India
  • First Bank, which had started with Indian capital? Punjab National Bank
  • Which was the first rural bank? Pratham grameen bank
  • Which bank had financed Pratham Grameen bank? Syndicate bank
  • Which bank was named universal bank of India? ICICI
  • Talking ATMs had been first brought by? Union Bank
  • Country’s all first woman Bank? Bhartiya Mahila Bank
  • First bank to get ISO certification? Canara

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