AUTOPILOT Email Marketing

AUTOPILOT Email Marketing
AUTOPILOT Email Marketing

About 144 billion emails are being exchanged around the globe every day. It remains one of the elite mode of business communication. Autopilot is a powerful marketing tool providing email marketing with customer management albeit a new one in this field. It is a cheaper alternative with prices starting at as low as $5 and enterprise level full features is offered at $15.


3 Brothers Chris, Peter and Mike from Australia set it up in 2012 in Bondi beach, Australia. They had served in various companies in their marketing department and understood the need of a software for marketing automation to help with small level companies and start-ups. Their diligent effort has made them a self-servicing marketing solution raising up to $20.5 million dollars.


  • Auto responder is one of the crucial feature in email marketing for establishing relation with new customers and also to cater to the needs of old customers. Autopilot has this feature among its many other useful ones. Its user interface is attractive and interactive and catches the attention of the customers with its cute mascot. When the creativity and imagination of the marketers stops, Autopilot starts from there.
  • It has ready to use templates, integration with surveys and multichannel marketing through trigger and transactional SMSs, emails and in-app messaging service. It allows customized list segmentation, HTML email editor and advanced email analytics. It allows HTTPS encryption for all pages and data backup policy in GEO regions.
  • Free period: New customers can take full advantage of the free trial feature. The free 30-day policy enables 500 contacts with all features from auto responders, third party integration, campaign tracking and technical support assistance. No credit card details are required in this period. However, 100 emails can be sent per day in the trial period.
  • Paid period: In the paid version, there is no daily capping limit of number of mails to be sent per day. Pricing is based on the number of contacts and the plan one chooses. So it is beneficial for those companies where large numbers of emails can be sent per day to a limited number of contacts. For all paid plans twenty percent can be saved if the payment is made annually.
  • It has two paid plans, base and business. In the base plan, new companies can start their journey in minutes. For young companies it is important to create a niche base by setting up their contact list, attracting new customers by offering promos, batch emails and newsletters. It also allows to send SMS and in-app messaging. Third party integration is allowed for creating journeys. Pricing starts at $20 per month for 1000 contacts followed by $52 per month for 3000 contacts, $960 per month for 1,00,000 contacts and $2400 per month for 5,00,000 contacts. For contacts higher than 10,00,000 they need to contact the Autopilot sales team.
  • In the business plan, it provides all features of base plan along with premium features such as setting personalized email, a/b split testing and expert guidance from their consultants. Pricing starts at $40 per month for 1000 contacts, $104 per month for 3000 contacts, $1632 per month for 1,00,000 contacts and $3600 per month for 5,00,000 contacts. For higher number of contacts greater than 10,00,000 they need to contact the sales team.
  • It is a web based support and has no direct chat or phone support. The chat window provided in the web site is never online in the regular business hours. So one has to depend on email to contact them.


For signing up one has to provide name, company name, phone number, email, password and number of contacts. After providing the relevant details, dashboard loads with the tutorials for helping people to get accustomed to it. It uses the feature called “journeys” for creating campaigns and auto responders.

Dashboard has automations (active journeys) on the left and activity feed on the right. Activity feed shows the number of mails sent and text messages sent and also the number of mails to be opened. The help button is useful as one can search for relevant articles in that box and read them without navigating away from the page. Contacts can be imported from spreadsheet or through third party app. It maps email, name and surname fields. Customized fields can be created for enabling other fields in the contact list.  For creation of campaigns, one has to start by creating journeys using drag and drop box and then choosing different elements and conditions. Even for newsletters one has to go through the complex journey creation process.


Its active users consist of IT services, Internet services, freelancers and small time companies. With cheap pricing and beneficial features having text messaging integration, it is fruitful for start-ups. However, its complex journey creation process and no 24/7 direct online support might force people to opt for other service providers at higher prices.