What are Some Amazing Facts about Dubai?

Dubai Coastline

We have analyzed Dubai closely and finally we have brought list of some amazing facts about Dubai. Go through and enjoy:

  • Dubai is an emirate not a country. UAE has seven emirates and Dubai is one of them.
  • In GDP of Dubai, oil has contribution of only 6 percent. This is quite strange because entire Middle East is supposed to have good oil reserves.
  • Abu Dhabi is capital of UAE and it has enough oil reserves. Dubai’s oil is going to vanish within next few years.
  • In Dubai, women can roam in western dresses.
  • Burj Al Arab is the only seven star hotel of the world located at Dubai.
  • Dubai has largest man made port that is jebel Ali port.
  • Dubai has numerous artificial Islands.
  • UAE is amongst the four largest oil producing countries namely Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iran.
  • Dubai has nearly 2 million population which composes mostly non Arab. It is very strange that nearly 50 percent of Dubai’s population is Indian.
  • More than 20 percent of world’s cranes are operating at Dubai.
  • Dubai has no sewer system.
  • Dubai has almost 100 KM long coastline.
  • Dubai attracts maximum number of tourists amongst all cities in Middle East.
  • Skiing is available in summertime
  • Gold vending machines are operational in Dubai.
  • Dubai police uses cars like Ferrari, Bentley, Mercedes, Bugatti etc.
  • Dubai mall is world’s largest mall.

Overall there are numerous things in Dubai that makes this city different from others. For more information about Dubai, you can write to us, we will be happy to help you.