ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Review

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing
ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

The world is a large and strange place with all kinds of problems and their solutions. There are way too many business set ups right now and business doesn’t come alone.  . The kind of marketing strategies are there in the market right now, you need to know what is best for you and your company and hence, you need active campaign email marketing. From auto responders to third party interference, they do it all and that is why it is selling like hot chocolate right now. The kind of services it provides, it is tough to ignore it and with time it is getting popular day by day.

The features it has got-

With a minimum of $9 a month you could have 500 subscribers and they organize what is to be done work on it depending upon the subscribers and so the time and money is not wasted at all. There are a lot of plans from which you can choose and get yourself the very best plan as you might have more subscribers and greater needs than somebody else. It also allows a 14 day free trial which does not need any sort of credit card and that is when you would be able to check out every service as claimed by the company. You need an email address and a company name and of course a password and you will have to choose the services you are looking for apart from email marketing. You can also give the details about how many contacts you got so that it becomes easier for the company to locate potential clients and also save your time.

Active campaign offers a lot against so less and that is thing about them. The dashboard they have upon opening the account is mind blowing and it might take some time out of you as there is much you can do with them.  There is a column for live feed where all your notifications would be coming and this way you would be kept posted about what is happening and what is about to happen with you and your company.

The very tool for the marketer

At these low prices, the active campaign can be described as one of the best of the lot when it comes to marketing with class and style. You can do whatever you feel like and again the prices for these are very low and it is extremely easy to work with.

The best part- creating your own subscriber list

You can manage and add subscribers by simply clicking on the add tab on your screen. You can also import contacts from third party. You can copy and paste clients and add one at a time as well. You need to add a line so that the customers don’t get confused as the emails they would be receiving, need to make sense and in the footer you can use your company’s name and a company URL to support it. People take these things for spams and you would not want it to happen.

The setting up of a campaign

You can click on the tab for a newsletter and upon this you give it a name and of course the type you want. It can be RSS triggered or date based and again you will have to select the Clients and make a list of the people who would be getting this thing. After this you need to design this and you can do it yourself if you want, from the very first step. You can select the theme, color and fonts and the layouts as well as that you get the full independence or choosing what you want. Additionally you can add a catchy photograph to the newsletter to make it more attractive and useful. It also allows multi user editing. The auto responses can be triggered by emails and links by the subscribers and unsubscribe and that us why you get a lot of options to choose from.

Campaign tracking and customer support

You can view all the campaigns you have sent and this way you can keep an eye on what is going on.  And for customer support you can have calls and emails or the correct analysis and solution the problems. The other good thing is the live chat support, which makes it even easier and reliable.

So go ahead and go for active campaign email marketing for risk free and easy marketing experience and reach the height you always thought of attaining in your career.