Do you want a secure wifi connection for browsing anonymously away from the eyes of nosey government? Do you want to access geo-specific content and blocked contents on your physical location without getting tracked? While this might sound scary but it’s possible with the help of virtual Private Network (VPN).

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is basically a network that allows to generate a safe connection using public internet to connect to confidential networks at a distant location using appropriate encryption techniques to make it more secure. You connect your computer to a commercial VPN provider’s server via an encrypted tunnel and access internet via it.

Why you need a VPN connection as soon as possible?

  • VPN connection gives you technically all the advantages of Local Area Networks, found in company’s internal network without requiring any hard-wired association.
  • Using VPN, your IP address is masked so your ISP (and government, copyright watchers) won’t know about your internet activity. IP address is the unique address for each device on the internet, which is often misused to reveal your identity, location and online activities.
  • Using VPN you can surf the web anonymously and geo-spoof your location. Nobody will know your physical location and you can access geo-restricted contents by virtually connecting to some other geographic location where your VPN server is located. This way you can overcome unfair geo- restrictions imposed for gaining profits.
  • As you are surfing the web anonymously, so you can evade any government censorship, access blocked contents, download copyright contents and P2P download safely.
  • While using Wifi hotspot with VPN protection, you will be protected from the hackers as your data is encrypted.

Which VPN service to choose?

Using VPN service is very easy- sign up, download and install the software and your virtual secured journey begins. There are several  VPN services available and the most tricky part is choosing the best option for you by weighing all the pros and cons. So here’s a list of top 5 BEST VPN SERVICE for the year of 2016

List of Best VPN Service

It provides excellent features and no fuss service making it one of the best VPN service. It is simple, versatile and well supported with servers in 78 countries and a stealth server in Hong Kong. It is slightly more expensive at $8.32 per month but is quite reasonable with a 30 day money back guarantee. The information that is logged through it are IP address, connection time and connection length. Apart from desktop client for Windows and ac OS, it provides app for android and IOS mobiles so that you can be connected to a VPN all the time. It offers three simultaneous connections and free SmartDNS service.

Buffered VPN is available in almost all operating system windows, Linux, Mac OS, IOS, Android etc. It has its servers in 16 different countries and is based in Hungary which is free from any Data retention laws and hence away from the reach of NSA and GCHQ. It is a bit pricey at $8.25 per month but offers free 30 day money back guarantee so you can take a chance to test this VPN. However, it does not accept Bitcoins. Though it does not keep any usage logs, some connection logs are kept. It allows up to 3 simultaneous connection and allows P2P download at fast speeds to stream HD videos or download music. One important feature is, it bypasses password protected login stages and discovers open ports.

Based in Malaysia, it has became a major player in the Asian market. As Malaysia has no strict Data retention laws, it allows BolehVPN to offer no logs service. It is fast, allows VPN through Tor( true anonymity) and the xCloak technology can successfully bypass government censorship. It has its servers in 11 countries, allows P2P downloading and accepts Bitcoins. It offers SmartDNS service for free. It is not user-friendly and requires technical knowledge which in turn allows excellent encryption of data. When combined with the excellent features of windows and Mac os client, it allows VPN kill switch.

It is the simplest and fastest VPN with no usage logs, great 24/7 online support, bypassing geo-restrictions and accepts Bitcoins. It provides free 24 hour trial and 14 day money back guarantee. This Israeli VPN service has its servers in 24 countries and offers fast connection speeds, P2P downloads and supports IKEv2 protocol which is great news for people having compatibility issues with their mobile OS. It provides 2 simultaneous connections and SmartDNS service and keeps some connection logs.

Based in Bulgaria, it is a relatively new company but provides P2P downloads, accepts Bitcoins and allows 7 day free trial. It can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously and offers high speed connection with great online support and has user friendly software. For windows software it provides DNS leak protection, has servers in 54 countries and keeps no logs at all which is great for a secured connection.